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After making yoga a part of my daily practise for the past 5 years, I have noticed how my mindset has changed. Not only is yoga great for getting the body moving , building strength and flexibility, it has endless benefits for mental health. It is a moving meditation relinquishing the pressure people feel when trying to meditate. It's a breath focus practise, it's allowing ourselves to be in the present moment. Having an hour out of the day to detach from worries and commitments and just be in the moment. It's time of stillness out of our hectic lives. My classes use all elements of yoga, the yang of movement, the yin of the stillness when passive stretching, and the mindfulness meditation. The aim of every class is to leave the student feeling balanced, relaxed and more body confident and body aware than when they first started. I personally have fully felt the benefits of yoga. How it can turn a bad day into a better day. It has taught me I don't need to stay attached to every feeling, that it's not selfish to put your feelings and needs first. I believe that even the youngest of minds should be open to these possibilities . After starting my teacher training 2 years ago , I have gone on to advancing that training and adding another 300 hours to my portfolio, as well as advanced training for kids yoga. Yoga is my passion and lifestyle and I'd like to share my knowledge with as many people as I can reach. Instagram: yoga_with_jess.x

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